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Renaissance Madrigal Dinner

Student and Parent Information

What is the student role in Renaissance Madrigal Dinner?

All Unicorn Choir students, grades 9 through 12, will have costumed roles in the performance. Most freshmen are serving lads and lassies or royal pages.  All seniors have a role in the Royal Court. Others have various performing roles. Auditions are being held the week of Jan. 22 – 25, 2018 

What kind of Costume Should I Wear?

See the Madrigal Dinner Gallery to Look at some photos to get costuming ideas


ROYAL COURT: Students in the Royal Court will wear costumes of a more colorful nature.


MAJOR SPEAKING ROLES: Students with a major speaking part will wear a costume appropriate to their role.


PAGES: Pages and Instrumentalists generally wear simpler costumes than the Royal Court; Leggings and Tunics are typical.​


SERVERS: A Majority of the students will be serving lads and lassies. These students need to wear a more common renaissance era costume with more natural colors

Where/How do I get my costume?

Rent from the Booster Club: We are very fortunate that Mrs. Barbara Vicente, one of our Choir Grandparents, has donated her time and talent to create several costumes available to our students. In addition, some graduating students have donated a costume that they created. The great thing about renting from the Booster Club, is that the cost is lower to you!

Make your own costume: If you can sew, or know someone who can, please feel free to create your own costume. You can find patterns for Renaissance Costumes by searching online or going to one of the local fabric or craft stores. If you make your costume, we invite you to donate it to the Booster Club after you graduate or leave the program.

Buy a costume: In order to avoid duplicate costumes, you need to get approval of your costume BEFORE purchasing. 

Rent a costume from a Costume Rental Company: In order to avoid duplicate costumes, you need to get approval of your costume BEFORE purchasing. 

Is this a fundraiser?

Most definitely, Yes!


This is the Choir Booster Club's main fundraiser for the year. You are encouraged to come prepared to dine and be entertained.


While your server works hard to earn your gratuity, you will have the opportunity to take photos with the cast members, bid on silent auction items, give a gratuity to check your coat and/or hat, and give alms to singing beggars.

Your support is appreciated!

What is the cost for audience members?

Royal Court (table for 8) - $400.00 per Table

King's Court - $35.00 per person

Queen's Court - $30.00 per person

Knight's Court - $25.00 per person

Commoners Table - $20.00 per person

Where do I get tickets? How do I pay?


Tickets may be purchased online with a credit card here:

When purchasing tickets online, you will also select your seat(s). If you have any problems or questions, please contact our Booster Club at


While purchasing tickets online is the preferred method, you may also pay with cash or check (made out to NBHS CBC). When paying with cash or check, please hand deliver to any NBHS choir student with contact information and written instructions for how many and what level of ticket(s) you are purchasing. Please contact our Booster Club at

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