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Introducing the 2018-2019 Unicorn Choirs

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

2017-2018 Acappella Choir

Mr. Thomasson adds more classes to the Unicorn Choir Schedule

Ideally, students in the Unicorn Choir program would be placed in a choir according to vocal range (treble or tenor-bass) and ability level (non-varsity, junior varsity, or varsity). Ultimately, I hope that the NBHS/NGC Choir schedule will grow to look something like this:

  • Freshman Treble Choir

  • Freshman Tenor-Bass Choir

  • Junior Varsity Treble Choir (10th-12th)

  • Junior Varsity Tenor-Bass Choir (10th-12th)

  • Varsity Treble Choir (combine with Varsity TB for Varsity Mixed)

  • Varsity Tenor-Bass Choir (combine with Varsity Treble for Varsity Mixed)

  • Mixed Chamber Choir (16 to 20 voices)

  • Treble Jazz Choir (9th-12th)

  • Mixed Jazz Choir (10th-12th)

  • Applied Music Class (11th-12th)

Great News!

The number of 10th-12th grade Tenor-Bass students has grown enough to support their own class. This means that we will have three choir classes at NBHS in 2018-2019. This is what my Choir schedule will look like for 2018-2019:

  • 1st period - Beginning Treble Choir (Oak Run)

  • 2nd period - Mixed Choir (Oak Run)

  • 3rd period - Freshman Mixed Choir (NGC)

  • 4th period - Acappella Treble (combined with Acappella TB for performances)

  • 5th period - Acappella Tenor-Bass (combined with Acappella TR for performances)

  • 6th period - Concert Treble


Student Placement and Audition Results

Placing students in an appropriate choir is one of the most difficult jobs that I have, and I take it very seriously. I have spent much time looking over these lists, trying to catch any possible mistakes, however, it is very possible that someone was left off or a typo was made. I respectfully ask that you contemplate the results of this audition and allow me time to finish organizing and reviewing information before making contact with me as described below. If you are missing from this list, please contact me immediately. If you have questions concerning your audition I will be happy to visit with you via the process below starting on Monday, June 11. This list has been provided to the administrators and the counseling department, and adjustments will be made to schedules as needed. Students enrolled in a choir class that they did not place in via audition will be removed from that class and placed in the correct class by the counseling department. Every student is welcome in the Unicorn Choir program. If you want to be a part of the Unicorn Choir program and your name is not on this list,  please contact Mr. Thomasson as soon as possible. 

I am proud of all of our students and very encouraged by the high level of musicianship displayed throughout the audition process. The 2018-2019 Unicorn Choirs will be stronger and larger than ever and I am excited to work with you all. 

Please note the following information that I am adding to our choir handbook.


Each day is an audition for future choir placement -

make every day count!

All students are auditioned for placement; however, it should be noted that the Unicorn Choir program offers performing organizations to meet the educational needs of all students interested in singing. To the best of my ability, I am trying to add courses each year to cater to varied individual needs in order to provide the most complete and effective music education to each student. Auditions for choir placement are an ongoing process that culminate at the end of the year with an individual audition. I make every effort to be fair and provide opportunities for as many students as possible in our program; however, with more students than ever in choir there will definitely be competition at auditions. I spend many hours and use my best professional judgement when making decisions following auditions. 

Inevitably there will be disappointment with the results of any audition. Part of my role as a performing arts educator is to help educate students on how to handle the high pressure of auditions, how to handle both bad and good news, how to ask for feedback in a constructive and professional way, and how to act with compassion to their classmates in the same situation. Once posted, all audition results are final and not open to debate; however, I would be happy to discuss areas of improvement with you for future auditions. In my quest to educate students to professionally handle the audition process and advocate for themselves, I respectfully ask that the student contact me via email to so that I can provide constructive written feedback. If the information provided via email needs further explanation I am happy to schedule a conference with the student and/or parent to discuss areas for improvement.

My goal as an educator is to teach every student to be highly successful, and at times I must make very difficult decisions that as a professional I know are best for the student and for the Unicorn Choir Program. As a professional musician I have placed both first and last in auditions. Do not allow one audition performance to define your success as a musician.

Please see 2018-2019 Unicorn Choir Rosters Here.

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