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Mixed Region Choir Results 2020

Throughout the fall, the NBHS Choirs have worked to prepare the Region 12 Mixed Region audition music. In late October, 36 NBHS Choir members worked diligently to prepare and submit a virtual audition for the Region 12 Mixed Region Choir auditions. This was a difficult task, as the process was created specifically for this year and was vastly different from the audition protocol we are used to. All 36 students are to be commended for their hard work!

The Unicorn Choir is excited to announce that 11 NBHS Choir students were selected for membership in the Mixed Region Choir! In addition, four students were selected as pre-area candidates and will advance to the next round of auditions.

Congratulations to the following students on their membership in the 2020 Mixed Region Choir:

Maddie Wartsbaugh, 11th Chair, Soprano 1

Bailey Burgess, 17th Chair, Soprano 1

Grace Shafer, 6th Chair, Pre-Area Candidate, Soprano 2

Avrianna Powell, 9th Chair, Pre-Area Candidate, Soprano 2

Brie Sargent, 5th Chair, Pre-Area Candidate, Alto 1

Mylo Bearce, 18th Chair, Tenor 1

Andrew Robinson, 12th Chair, Tenor 2

Samuel Smith, 2nd Chair, Pre-Area Candidate, Bass 1

Brighton Sailors, 17th Chair, Bass 1

John Armstrong, 15th Chair, Bass 2

Garrett Starnes, 16th Chair, Bass 2

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