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NBHS Choir Uniform Fitting - Oct 8th & 9th

Uniform Fittings!

We will be fitting the choir students for their uniforms next Monday and Tuesday and are looking for volunteers to assist.  If you are available and would like to volunteer, please respond to this email with your availability.  The fitting schedule will be as follows: 

Monday, October 8th - NBHS Campus

4th Period - A Cappella Women - 11:47am-12:47pm

5th Period - A Cappella Men - 1:22pm-2:13pm

6th Period - Concert Women - 2:18pm - 3:09pm 

Tuesday, October 9th - NGC 

3rd Period - Treble Choir - 10:35am-11:25am

4th Period - Tenor Bass Choir - 11:30am-12:25pm 

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