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ORMS Fall Choir Concert Info

Fall Choir Concert THIS Week

Oak Run MS Fall Choir Concert

Thursday, October 25, 2018

ORMS Cafeteria


Call Time: 6:00pm

Concert: 6:30pm

Choir Uniform - See the ORMS Choir Handbook

Performance Uniform

All students will receive their choir t-shirt which will be utilized for performances and spirit days. Students are expected to follow listed uniform guidelines. The performance uniform will be:

All Choirs


  • Choir t-shirt, tucked in

  • Black pants (Jeans or slacks. Leggings are not appropriate for the uniform.)

  • Black belt

  • Black close-toed shoes (Sandals and tennis shoes are not appropriate. Heels are discouraged.)


The NBHS Choir Director, Choir Officers and some Choir Parents will be at the concert to answer questions that you might have regarding Choir in High School. They will have a table set up where parents can purchase a Choir Parent T-shirt to show your support for Choir in NBISD!


The Fall Concert is a mandatory concert which counts for a Major Grade in choir as per the Oak Run Choir Handbook:

Serious illness and family emergencies will result in an excused absence only if the student provides written documentation within two (2) school days of the required event. Please note that a lack of transportation does not constitute an excused absence. If there is an issue with transportation, please let Mr. Thomasson know and a ride can be arranged for you. Students who have an excused absence, regardless of the reason for the absence, must make up the grade by completing an assignment given by the director. If the student fails to make up the assignment by a given date, the student will receive a grade of fifty (50) for that concert grade. An unexcused absence from a performance or mandatory rehearsal will result in a fifty (50) for that concert grade and there will be no opportunity for makeup. Students who have other school obligations (i.e. band, athletics, theatre, etc.) that conflict with a mandatory choir activity must let the director know at least a week in advance of the event. In most cases, something can be worked out that the student can attend both events. Students are ​not excused from mandatory activities because of a non-school related event.Students must be present for the entire concert in order to receive credit for participating. The TEA lists demonstration of proper audience etiquette as one of the Music TEKS, and this includes staying for the duration of a performance. No one will be allowed to leave a concert early. Additionally, it is important to your child that their parent/guardian be present at our concerts. Parent attendance at choir functions is a practical way to show your student that you are supportive of their co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

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