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This Week in OakRun Choir

This week our music preparations move into full swing!  The concert is now four weeks away and we are finally getting to our selections for the Fall Concert.


Students are learning how to say and clap simple rhythms.

Students are learning and reviewing solfege and the corresponding hand signs.

Students are learning how to recognize steps, skips, and leaps on a staff.


Students are downloading the forScore App from the NBISD App Catalog

Students will learn how to add repertoire to forScore and navigate a score

Students will learn how to add measure numbers and solfege to their music in forScore.

Google Classroom

Students will begin using Google classroom as part of the workflow in choir class.

Class codes will be available during choir class

Fall Concert – Thursday, October 25th - 6:30pm

The Fall Concert is rapidly approaching! The concert is a mandatory component of each choir student’s grade.  For concert policies and additional information, please see the performance section of the Choir Handbook.

Fall Concert Performance Uniform

All students will receive their choir t-shirt which will be utilized for performances and spirit days. Students are expected to follow listed uniform guidelines. The performance uniform will be:

  • Choir t-shirt, tucked in

  • Black pants (Jeans or slacks. Leggings are not appropriate for the uniform.)

  • Black belt

  • Black close-toed shoes (Sandals and tennis shoes are not appropriate. Heels are discouraged.)

Choir Fee: $25.00

Please take care of outstanding balances as soon as possible. If you need financial assistance, please contact Mr. Thomasson directly to see what might be worked out.

You can always check choir finances by logging into your Charms account.

Need a receipt? You can access receipts at anytime from your Charms account.

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