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TxState HS Choir Camp Info

The TxState University HS Choir Camp is for 2019-2020 9th-12th Grade students

The Texas State University All-State Choir Camp would like to invite your students to join us this summer on July 8th-11th.  Students will have the opportunity to thoroughly learn the all-state music from accomplished high-school choral directors from around the state as well as the distinguished Texas State University Choral Faculty. 

Students will receive instruction meticulously crafted by experienced Texas choir directors to ensure your students receive the absolute best foundation for the all-state process. Accurate pitches, rhythms, style, and musicality are at the forefront of our philosophy.  Our motto is that camp should be a strong 4 days in a potentially 6-month process.  That being said, we easily rehearse over 25 hours throughout the camp. When that is put into the perspective of hour-long daily sectionals, five days a week, it becomes clear that our students are 5 weeks ahead of other singers that do not attend a camp.

In addition to rigorous sectionals and highly engaging rehearsals, students are also able to learn from other members of the Texas State University School of Music Faculty during our elective break-out sessions and one-on-one voice coachings.  Students will live in the dorms and travel through our beautiful campus between our music building and our state of the art Performing Arts Center.

Attached is a copy of our 2019 TSCC handbook that covers the majority of the details related to the Texas State choir camp and our camp poster. Texas All-Staters are eligible for a $100 discount and can be applied during the online registration.  Spots are extremely limited.  We will be closing certain voice sections fairly soon as they are nearly reaching capacity.  When we do close a section, please email us if you have a student that would like to be put on the waiting list.  If we have any drops, we will begin to contact students on the waiting list. If you have not received a camp poster from us and would like to have one mailed to your choir program, please send us your school address, and we will send one to you as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email one of the camp administrators or camp directors listed above, or call the camp phone number, (405) 771-6840, to speak with one of the camp administrators directly. 

We hope to make some amazing memories and music with your student. 

Register by visiting our website at:

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